Performance  Promises

Property Sciences promises to make ordering, tracking and receiving appraisals easy and helpful for both you and your clients.

The following key features are designed to take uncertainty out of the appraisal process and allow you to increase the volume of transactions you can manage efficiently, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Multi-Channel Ordering System

> Order online, by phone, fax or email.
> Order appraisals online at:
> Ordering online creates a permanent record of your order, which allows immediate tracking.

Tracking and Communicating

Once an order is placed, rest assured we will perform as promised. If you need to know status or communicate information regarding your file, simply login to your account and view report status or call your dedicated Account Representative, whose job it is to make sure that you receive industry-leading service.

Receiving Completed Appraisals

Our automated order tracking system will notify you via email that your completed report is ready to be downloaded--saving you critical time and expenses! If you prefer, we can electronically ship the appraisal to you as soon as it’s completed.

Quality Control

We work hard to clearly communicate important issues to lenders. We take a proactive approach to eliminate any issues by having an experienced senior team member review every report before it’s shipped. If a pre-funding condition does arise, you can expect most to be completed in less than 24 hours.