Commercial  Services

Valuation and Consulting Services

The Property Sciences' commercial real estate team is composed of highly trained professionals with years of combined experience and excellent academic training, providing a wide range of real estate services throughout the United States. We have completed valuations on virtually every product, including: retail and shopping centers, Class A office buildings, subdivisions, marinas, wineries, gas stations, hotels, resorts and golf course properties.

Service commitments are the cornerstone of Property Sciences. A dedicated and experienced staff that understands the importance of communication with our clients performs our quality appraisals. The customers of our clients are as important to Property Sciences as are our direct lenders. Property Sciences' appraisers are trained to represent our clients in the field.

Portfolio Analysis and Stress Testing

Property Sciences serves as an independent source to assist institutions in portfolio review. For a nominal per-transaction fee, we will review a portfolio of properties by geographic market and asset type for the purpose of pinpointing under-performing properties and risk associated with these assets. Using regional and national asset performance statistics, portfolio-level stress tests are used to quantify the impact of changing economic conditions on assets, earnings and capital of potential problem properties.

For more in-depth analysis on these properties we provide low cost reports under our Asset Watch program. Report categorizations include: construction and land development, multifamily, farmland, commercial (office, industrial, hotel, etc.), gas stations, car washes, self-storage and residential care facilities.

Product Compliance

Our appraisal work products conform to all regulatory requirements and in addition, we can customize our reports to conform to the specific appraisal requirements of life insurance companies, pension funds, investment bankers and corporations, many of which have their own unique formats and requirements.

Samples reports are available upon request.

Professional Experience

The Property Sciences commercial appraisal team is composed of highly trained professionals who set the industry standard with a broad range of appraisal proficiency, experience and project management skills. Our accomplished executive management team possesses comprehensive expertise in appraisal, appraisal review, quality control procedures, technology, information management systems, econometrics, real estate investment analysis, and urban planning. With years of combined experience and excellent academic training, we are uniquely qualified to advise you in your most important real estate collateral decisions.

Geographic Coverage

Property Sciences commercial division provides full service throughout the United States.