Litigation  Support

Nationwide Real Estate Valuation

Property Sciences is a leading provider of litigation support services, working with the top law firms nationwide.

Property Sciences has over 30 years of professional expertise and experience in providing valuations of commercial, industrial and residential properties. As unbiased and independent advisors, we represent leading public and private real estate entities and stakeholders, including law firms, REITs, financial institutions, investment banks, opportunity funds, insurance companies, hedge funds, pension advisors and owners/developers.

Nationwide Appraisal Review

Property Sciences has extensive experience in providing commercial, industrial and residential appraisal review services. These services are required to provide an expert opinion on compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), on the appropriateness of the appraisal and the credibility of the opinion of value.

Expert Testimony

The complex nature of real estate investments and the large flows of capital associated with real estate lending and development make it inevitable that disputes will arise. When these disputes cannot be resolved through alternative means, litigation may be the only way to bring the matter to closure. Property Sciences has extensive experience presenting and defending its expert conclusions and opinions in depositions and trial testimony.

Litigation Support

Whether analyzing financial data, unraveling difficult economic issues or navigating a complex litigation terrain, the Property Science’s team of real estate professionals provides expert support to resolve legal disputes. We provide support from early case assessment and discovery through final resolution, relying on real-world strategic and operational experience, strong academic and professional credentials, and extensive practical knowledge of real estate customs and practices, and damages analysis.

Litigation Support Services include:

  • Advice and objective analyses leading to an improved understanding of the issues involved in a case and supply expert testimony about critical issues in the litigation
  • Testimony concerning industry standards, customs and practices in order to evaluate the legal liability of the parties
  • Forensics analysis to ascertain the facts and determine the historic context of the disputed issues
  • Computation of economic effects to provide a court with an objective measure of value and damages, if any
  • Advice to counsel including the evaluation of the arguments of opposing experts, assisting with the development of lines of questioning or specific questions for use in expert or percipient witness depositions and serving as real-time advisors to counsel to evaluate the responses of deponents during live deposition testimony
  • Trial support services, including jury consulting, graphic design of courtroom visuals and technology support

Our Senior Litigation Support Team includes:

  • Paul Chandler, MAI
  • Justin Eichman
  • Arthur Neudek, MAI
  • Herb Jourdan MAI
  • Randall Blaesi, ASA