Property Sciences is an appraisal management company that contracts with and serves as an authorized agent for a number of financial institutions. Managing the appraisal process effectively is the company’s core business. As such, protecting the quality and integrity of operations is a constant focus and embedded in all facets of the company environment. Property Sciences leverages a wide array of technology tools and systems focused on the top quality management and integrity of appraisal management operations, such as PSManager, our proprietary internal order management system utilized by all employees, which includes the following capabilities:

  • Robust security features for secure acceptance and transmission of appraisal requests, payment information, collateral data, and appraiser independence compliant communications;
  • Intuitive order status tracking, including receipt, acceptance, scheduling, inspection, QC, addendums, and any complications that may arise;
  • Audit trails with detailed action/event history for every transaction and document, with secure data/document exchange options;
  • Powerful appraiser panel administration, including vendor approval and management, vendor selection tools, scorecards and performance metrics, and storage of license, insurance, and other associated documents;
  • Automated ASC integration, ensuring daily checks of appraiser licenses for compliance;
  • Comprehensive C&R Fee Database, adjusted for scope of work and other factors in compliance with Dodd-Frank regulations;
  • National Appraiser Mapping Tool, providing a radius search of every appraiser in the US to support the recruitment process;
  • PSProperties, providing integrated access to public records, AVMs, and sales comp databases;
  • Advanced management reporting tools via a sophisticated data warehouse architecture;
  • Automated QC Rules Technology, providing data and format accuracy validation;
  • Robust QC Overlay, an internal quality control checklist and module to ensure consistent application of quality standards by QC staff;
  • Service Request Ticket System, coordinating secure and compliant communication between company staff, vendors, and clients;
  • Customizable event status notifications, providing real-time updates and alerts to support order exception and escalation management;
  • UCDP integration, providing automatic UCDP submission and real-time tracking of Fannie & Freddie SSR Reports;
  • Efficient XML Parsing and MISMO XML Conversion;
  • Automated QC Scoring System, providing both automated and manual scoring of each appraisal based on industry standard and proprietary rules;
  • Validation of key fields, such as property addresses and FHA Case Numbers;
  • Integration with multiple appraisal software platforms and other financial services systems;
  • Automated order routing and distribution based on appraiser location, expertise, workload, and performance history;
  • Flexible and customizable order tracking and reporting dashboards, including real-time updates and alerts;
  • Automated appraisal fee calculation and invoice generation, with secure online payment options;
  • Integrated workflow management tools, such as task assignment, deadline tracking, and escalation management;
  • Comprehensive quality control and review processes, including automatic checks, peer review, and senior review options;
  • Automated appraisal file delivery and document storage, with secure access and version control;
  • Appraiser performance tracking and feedback mechanisms, including rating systems and scorecards;
  • Automated compliance monitoring and reporting, including industry standards and regulatory requirements;
  • Advanced data analytics and reporting, including custom reports, real-time analytics, and data visualization tools.

PSManager Intergrations: