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Real Estate Valuation & Appraisal Management

Property Sciences combines superior valuations expertise and large professionally licensed staff with a highly culled national panel of market participants. As an appraiser owned and operated firm with a three-decade presence in the industry and with expertise across the entire spectrum of residential and commercial real estate, Property Sciences is deeply rooted within the fundamental practice of real estate appraisal, which allows our firm to provide a more meaningful and value-add service beyond the typical administrative tasks associated with the management process. Our firm’s collective expertise is driven into our appraisal management operations for extraordinary results. Property Sciences has superior capabilities in matching the complexity and intellectual demands of each specific assignment with the capabilities, competency, and experience of each specific appraiser.

Property Sciences has highly qualified staff available to our panel for professional appraiser-to-appraiser guidance and support when complex valuation issues arise. Property Sciences’ quality control professionals have all met state certification requirements and average over 20 years of appraisal, quality control, and/or collateral due diligence experience. Deeply rooted within the appraisal industry, approved independent appraisers who perform work for Property Sciences are hand-selected and culled over the course of our company history to ensure that Property Sciences’ appraisal management services are delivered nationally with unparalleled effectiveness, responsiveness, and professionalism. A commitment to continuous improvement ensures that performance remains best in class.

Our clients include the largest sized national lenders, government agencies, and Wall Street-based conduits. Combined with an intense focus on delivering the highest level of personalized service in the appraisal industry, we will help you grow your business by blending the highest levels of quality, timeliness, accessibility, and consistency in execution and service.

Appraisal Review & Collateral Due Diligence

Property Sciences is a market share leader in appraisal reviews, having built a reputation for accuracy, fairness, and fast turnaround. Entrusted by numerous clients nationwide to assist with their collateral due diligence, we would encourage any prospective client to inquire within the industry as to their experiences and observations of Property Sciences’ strong understanding of the valuation process, superior level of service, and our unmatched record of protection against fraud, buybacks, and poor collateral quality.

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Lender Software Solutions

Property Sciences offers proprietary, web-based software solutions to assist lenders with fully compliant single and/or multi-vendor management, allowing lenders and their brokers and business partners to connect and collaborate electronically through an easy-to-use originator-facing website that takes the appraisal process from start to finish while staying fully compliant with GFE, AIR, and electronic GSE delivery requirements.

We can privately label your public-facing broker website, allowing you to directly control the business processes. Originators can track the process in the appraisal pipeline to determine the status of each order in the account. The viewable tracking process includes receipt, acceptance, scheduling, appointment set, inspection, quality control and possible addendums. Notations of any complications which may have arisen within the process are also visible. Our lenders no longer worry about anything other than closing loans; we insulate you from the technical details involved, reduce your costs, increase efficiency and, most importantly, let you get down to business – focusing on your loan pipeline. Property Sciences gives you the advantage with standards-current solutions, streamlining your lending operation.

We offer a plug-and-play version that allows you fully compliant control over the appraisal management process, as well as a highly customized version utilizing an XML feed that integrates into your current LOS for a very robust and customer-specific solution to your lending operations.

Training Programs

Property Sciences offers on-going training programs to your staff in order for them to better understand and manage appraisal risk. Our straightforward seminars can be tailored to incorporate your specific company needs. Programs include single-family, 2-4 units, and reviewing procedures that educate underwriters, processors, and account representatives.